The Fellowship Program

A CatchLight Fellowship serves as a form of incubator for innovative leaders working in visual storytelling. It is a space to receive financial support, unlock individual potential, leverage partnerships and amplify your impact.

We are working in remarkable times, when journalism and storytelling has never been more important to civil society and democracy. In an age of polarization, the universal language of images has the unique capability of creating common ground and reaching audiences at a deep emotional level.

CatchLight believes in the power of visual storytelling to foster a more empathetic understanding of the world and recognizes the importance for in-depth and nuanced visual storytelling to help inform, educate and spark dialogue. We bring urgency to growing a thriving visual storytelling ecosystem and do so by supporting storytellers,  innovators and leaders in the field.

CatchLight is proud of our ongoing support of storytellers who use visual art to spark new conversations, engage communities and whose work is poised to be significantly amplified by collaboration, mentorship, and networking.

As part of our evolution and desire for large impact on the field overall, we are also expanding our support to organizational leaders in the visual storytelling space who work to help further the visual ecosystem by discovering as well as amplifying storytellers’ voices and defining the future of the field. These innovative changemakers are creating organizations that help storytellers create, distribute, amplify, and showcase their work.

In addition to a $30,000 grant, the fellowship offers mentorship, personalized project development and networking opportunities from CatchLight staff and our extended network of partners. The nature of the awarded fellow’s work will determine the appropriate model for distribution and partnerships.

A CatchLight Fellowship is awarded for life. Beyond initial support with their project or venture, Fellows will join a community of advisors and creative thought leaders dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the world and spurring social growth. This mentorship will provide the tools and resources that organizational leaders  can use to more effectively grow their impact and build sustainable organizations.

The Fellowship is designed to do more than just give; we have a long-term vision that builds knowledge and community as a development tool for a better society.

© 2018 CatchLight Fellow Aida Muluneh

© 2018 CatchLight Fellow Aida Muluneh

Banner image: © 2017 CatchLight Fellow Brian L. Frank