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Help support and amplify the work of visual storytelling innovators.

When it comes to complex social issues, statistics explain a problem but images allow us to feel. They can do more than raise awareness — they spark action from individuals and policymakers because they reach us in a way we cannot forget. They also establish a common ground based on shared feelings.

CatchLight believes in the power of visual storytelling to foster a more nuanced and empathetic understanding of the world.  It serves as a transformational force, urgently bringing resources and organizations together to grow a thriving visual ecosystem.

In a shifting media environment, it is becoming increasingly harder for visual storytellers to fund their project and practice their craft. According to this study by the World Press Photo, in 2018, the number of photojournalists working full time as photographers declined to 59% from 74% three years earlier. An impoverished media ecosystem with fewer photographers in turn weakens our ability to understand the world at a deep emotional level, understand our communities and ourselves.

This why we need your support.

Help us grow a thriving visual ecosystem, support and amplify the work of storytelling innovators.


“Having a team of people working together with the goal of amplifying my work has been an incredibly powerful experience that has definitely transformed my professional career.”

— Brian L. Frank, 2017 CatchLight Fellow



Your gift will change artists lives, help to amplify their practice, and build new ways to engage with audiences in valuable ways.  

Visionary Program

CatchLight Visionaries change our world by investing in visionary artists and innovative programming with a gift of $5,000 or more.


Email us to find out how you can share in CatchLight’s vision and connect your brand to our audiences through corporate giving.  


Other ways to get involved

VOLUNTEER with catchlight

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference, get to know the Bay Area photography scene and stay connected with the CatchLight community. We are currently seeking volunteers with an interest in social justice and visual storytelling who believe in the power of art for social change. Throughout the year, we host exhibitions, receptions, panel discussions, workshops, and other events — volunteers are needed to photograph, greet attendees, sell refreshments and distribute audience surveys. 

Help us be agents of social change in the visual arts movement! Complete our Volunteer Inquiry Form below to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

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Social Media Internship

As a young organization with lots of big ideas, we are looking to grow our audience and brand through an active and engaging social media strategy. The ideal candidate should have a passion for photography and some experience in the editorial, design or production world. Graduates of photography or photojournalism programs encouraged to apply, but we welcome candidates with a breadth of experience and interests. We’re looking for someone who can provide support to our growing team as we launch new initiatives and projects.

Candidates will be working one-on-one with our Communications Lead on marketing/social strategies, editorial development, and social media management, project-based research, on back-end development for the site via Squarespace, and miscellaneous as-needed according to our roll-out cal.

CatchLight accepts internship applications on a rolling basis. Please email to find out more.

CatchLight is an independent, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #27-1912845). Click above to make your donation online or send a check to: 1150 25th Street, San Francisco, California, 94107. Email us or call 510.827.0903 for information about sponsorship opportunities, the CatchLight Visionaries program, or any other questions. 

Banner image: © Everyday Bay Area Photographer Angélica Ekeke