Q&A With Rasta Dave On Growing Up In The Excelsior District

Everyday Bay Area artist Rasta Dave’s work can be found in the Pop-Up Shop accompanying the exciting new exhibit re:home, which is “a For Freedoms exhibition exploring the plight of political and economic refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area—examining sanctuary city, homelessness, and the flight of the creative class.”

We did a short interview with Rasta Dave and asked him about his home, the Excelsior District of San Francisco.

Widening The Lens: Revolutionizing Photography Voices

Thank you to everyone who came out to Widening the Lens: Revolutionizing Photography Voices at the Commonwealth Club. For those of you who were not able to attend in person you can watch the whole conversation here.

Photography has always had a special role in shaping the visual narratives that help us make sense of our world and now more than ever, photography has the power to transcend barriers, spark dialogue and promote understanding. But who is telling these stories today, and how can we take action to enable people to tell their own stories, widening the lens of storytellers everywhere?

Update: Shahidul Alam At Widening The Lens

We are honored to consider Shahidul Alam a colleague and friend who has generously offered to speak at our upcoming event Widening the Lens on November 2nd. We are aware that his presence at the event is dependent on the outcome of his impending trial. It is our deepest hope for his safe release, and will keep our community as up-to-date as possible regarding his tentative appearance at the event. We hope that together, we will have the opportunity to celebrate Shahidul in person at Widening the Lens and hear him discuss his work that is more timely and crucial than ever before.