Check Out Sarah Blesener's Work At LUMIX Festival For Young Photojournalism

If you're in Hanover, Germany this weekend make sure to check out the LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism. Among the many talented artists, our 2017 Fellow Sarah Blesener's work will be displayed. Sarah's ongoing project "Beckon us From Home" examines the interplay of religion, love of country, and military-style training in the teaching of ‘New Americanism’ amongst youth.

What Will Happen When We Focus On Abundance?

From photojournalists in crisis zones abroad to citizens capturing incidents in their neighborhoods, visual storytelling often plays an important role in documenting pain and scarcity, so that it can’t slip away unnoticed. But, what happens if we shift the focus from what is lacking or missing in our community and instead focus on what is abundant? Imagine Abundance is a public art exhibition and community conversation reflecting Bay Area life from a perspective of cultural, spiritual, or literal abundance.

Over the next three months, 19 EDBA artists will set out to find out what happens when we focus on abundance around us. Their works will be screened at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland this fall.

Happy 1st Birthday To Everyday Bay Area!

A year ago today, CatchLight launched Everyday Bay Area with a cohort of 15 eager, talented photographers as contributors. Since then, our roster has grown to 19 and includes image-makers and storytellers with diverse perspectives from all around the Bay. The stories they’ve shared have ranged from an intimate look at spirituality in the Bay Area’s South Asian community by Alpana Aras-King to a sneak peek of Pendarvis Harshaw’s project OGToldMe, which captures the wisdom of Oakland’s older generation Black men.