CatchLight Fellows Round Up: June 2019

Photo © Tomas van Houtryve

Photo © Tomas van Houtryve

Lines and Lineage wins France’s 2019 Roger Pic Award and exhibited in Paris.

The Roger Pic Award 2019 was awarded to Tomas van Houtryve (VII) for Lines and Lineage and Denis Dailleux (VU) for In Ghana – We shall meet again.

Lines and Lineage will be exhibited in Paris from May through October 2019 at two locations: Baudoin Lebon gallery and Galerie de la Scam.

ICYMI: What if Mexico Still Included California, Nevada and Texas? | The New York Times
Tomas van Houtryve followed Mexico’s long-forgotten northern boundary to meet families who have lived in the region, now forming part of the United States, for centuries.

Check out Aida Muluneh in The Atlantic

Photo © Aida Muluneh

Photo © Aida Muluneh

Alex Bell at the 2019 Whitney Biannual and Harvard's Vision & Justice Convening

Friday, April 21, 1989 - Front Page , 2019, from the series  No Humans Involved: After Sylvia Wynter , 2018-2019

Friday, April 21, 1989 - Front Page, 2019, from the series No Humans Involved: After Sylvia Wynter, 2018-2019

In her prints, Alexandra Bell revisits articles from the New York Daily News that reflect the paper’s coverage of the now infamous 1989 Central Park Five case, in which five innocent teenage boys of color were wrongly convicted of assaulting and raping a white female jogger in Central Park. Bell highlights headlines and body text and redacts photos to draw attention to latent failings in journalistic objectivity, and to interrogate how journalism can perpetuate racialized violence through language.

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Alex Bell presents at Harvard University's Vision & Justice — a two-day creative convening that explores the role of the arts in understanding the nexus of art, race, and justice.

ICYMI: An Artist’s Work Revisits the Racist Coverage of the Central Park Five | The New Yorker
In her new series, Bell sets her sights squarely on the New York Daily News, whose breathless coverage during the first ten days following the Central Park rape were filled with lurid headlines like “Central Park Horror” and “Wolf Pack’s Prey.”

Sarah Blesener's Beckon Us From Home wins World Press Photo award and featured in first solo exhibition at Mana Contemporary 

Photo © Sarah Blesener

Photo © Sarah Blesener

Big congratulations to Sarah Blesener for taking first prize in World Press Photo's long-term project category. It has been an honor to help support this work and watch both Sarah and this project grow and develop.

Upcoming Artist Talk: Join Sarah Blesener on a walk through of her award winning exhibition, Beckon Us From Home on view at Mana Contemporary. This intimate glimpse into the work and its subjects is followed by an artist talk, where Blesener shares further insight into her ongoing project.

Jul. 13, 2019, 3–6:30PM
Floor 6 Gallery and Salon, Floor 1
Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

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