With A Gift To CatchLight, You Can Expand The Narrative Around Critical Social Issues.

CatchLight exists because of the generosity of supporters and partners like you who believe in the values of social justice, truth and the abiding power of art to both reframe and make sense of a complex world.

Your donation supports CatchLight in tangible and important ways:

  • $30,000 supports a master photographer to build the skills to move from success to significance. By supporting a 2019 Fellow, your gift will allow a photographer to slow down and reveal the complicated narratives of social issues that affect us all.

  • $18,000 supports CatchLight to promote social issues and civic discourse through exhibitions.  In 2019 that includes: Photoville, McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, and the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

  • $10,000 covers the cost of supporting CatchLight Fellows to teach in educational settings across the globe- including formerly incarcerated youth at SFSU’s Project Rebound, Harvard students studying public policy, and emerging photographers in Kampala.

  • $5,000 encourages a local photographer to explore community-based storytelling to tackle critical social issues like economic inequality.

  • $2,500 supports travel expenses for a CatchLight Fellow, allowing access to new audiences and influential policy makers that open the door to lasting political and social impact of the work.

  • $1000 supports personalized leadership training for the Fellows, supporting their professional growth as leaders in the field.   

  • $500 covers the cost of implementing a project evaluation, helping us to pinpoint the most effective aspects of the project- and where we can strive to do more.

  • $50 pays for the cost of printing 3 copies of CatchLight’s Focal Points publication - assembling Fellows creative process, images, and outcomes.  

  • $10 keeps us caffeinated and moving forward!