Widening The Lens: Revolutionizing Photography Voices

Thank you to everyone who came out to Widening the Lens: Revolutionizing Photography Voices at the Commonwealth Club. For those of you who were not able to attend in person you can watch the whole conversation here.

Photography has always had a special role in shaping the visual narratives that help us make sense of our world and now more than ever, photography has the power to transcend barriers, spark dialogue and promote understanding. But who is telling these stories today, and how can we take action to enable people to tell their own stories, widening the lens of storytellers everywhere?

2018 CatchLight Fellow Aida Muluneh and co-founder of Diversify Photo Brent Lewis joined New York Times Lens Blog editor James Estrin for an engaging discussion on their groundbreaking approaches to using the most powerful communications tools of our time, concurrently creating provocative work on their own and exposing diverse artists to opportunities to amplify their visual voices. This important, dynamic conversation dives into the exciting possibilities of a more nuanced and inclusive photographic lens to create a broader societal impact.

We are deeply saddened that Shahidul Alam was not able to join us and remain hopeful for his safe release from imprisonment in Bangladesh. His arrest stands as an assault on freedom of speech — a human right that is imperative for peace, safety, and the advance of communities worldwide. Find out how you can help here: amnesty.org.uk/actions/free-shahidul-alam