Tender Souls Screening At Twitter San Francisco


Big thanks to Twitter for hosting a film screening of Tender Souls at their downtown San Francisco office last week. This film created by EDBA artist Brenton Geiser and Tony Mac, in partnership with City Hope, subtly challenges our ideas of what it means to be a San Franciscan.

By telling the stories of three Tenderloin residents living vastly different lives in the same square mile and yet who share a history of pain and struggle, Tender Souls compels its audience to explore our common humanity and reconsider their beliefs around homelessness and addiction.

Last week we shared it with an audience of our local tech community and here is what they had to say:

I can’t believe how much of a community exists in the Tenderloin — more than any other neighborhood in San Francisco.
It’s easy to pretend that those living in the TL don’t exist or pretend their stories don’t matter or blame them for the life they live. This film is a reminder that we are all human. We all have a story that should be heard and we all deserve to be treated well.
What touched me the most was to hear Cory say what is difficult for him: ‘you don’t know what it’s like to have people walk by you and pull their kids away.
Inspired me to be more intentionally kind when I’m walking around.
I feel humbled. I feel terrified for what others are enduring. I feel scared for the voices that scream and are never heard. I feel disgusted by my own behavior and how little I’ve done to help. I feel touched. I feel weak. The real strength belongs to Corey, Tiffany and Curtis.
I realized that we are choosing the easy way by ignoring these amazing people. I’m glad that I came today. It totally changed my perspective. I would like to volunteer and help this community. One at a time we can make a positive change.