Imagine Abundance: The Visual Symphony

CatchLight is excited to announce the public release of Imagine Abundance: The Visual Symphony, as envisioned and produced by artist Angelica Ekeke. A few months ago, we asked and you answered. A request was put forth to our lively Bay Area community to submit photos and videos that capture anything, positive or negative, that feels abundant in life here.

In Imagine Abundance, Angelica’s lush and haunting vocals are paired with the images, videos, poetry, and art that were submitted during our open call. The addition of historical footage helps to provide context for the overall piece, allowing the Visual Symphony to take viewers on a journey from the past to the present. Join us on this journey by watching Imagine Abundance: The Visual Symphony in full above.

We at CatchLight would also sincerely like to thank you, our incredible community, for your support in not just submitting your powerful and inspiring imagery, but also for helping us reach our fundraising goal so that we could bring Imagine Abundance to life, and for your patience while we worked through some technical difficulties as we tried to get this piece completed and online. We also want to thank those of you who came to our September event in person to witness the live debut of the Imagine Abundance song performed by Angelica and look forward to seeing you at future events as they develop.


For me, being a part of “ABUNDANCE”, was one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. Again, much thanks to Angelica, and her marvelous and talented team. It just goes to show you the persuasive power of creativity, when individual talents, come together, to share their blessings as a community, for the benefit of all. Truly art is the best way to raise our humanity or lack of, towards a higher consciousness.
What an extraordinary weaving of image and song and words Thank you so much for including my poem, I absolutely love it!
Thanks so much for sharing, I received chills in the first few minutes.
Finally got a chance to watch. Absolutely beautiful. Powerful and profound. Yes!
What a mosaic beautiful, poetic, and powerful art - masterly crafted.