Brian, a San Francisco native, has worked on social documentary projects across the Americas that focus on cultural identity, social inequality, violence, workers rights and the environment. 

His project Downstream, Death of the Colorado, is held in the permanent collection at the United States Library of Congress and was recognized by POYi with the Global Vision Award. After completing the journalism program at San Francisco State University, Brian worked for The Wall Street Journal. In 2014, he began focusing on long-term documentary and magazine feature work in California, the American Southwest and Mexico. 

In recent years, I have reported throughout California on organizations that challenge the perceived norms of community-engagement, intervention and policing. Initiatives with the boldest imaginations, the most reflexive responses, and the most unorthodox methods, are the ones that secure the greatest reduced violence, renewed trust and viable alternatives to crime for people caught in cycles of poverty and transgression. I’ve ridden with police special gang units, shadowed former gang members as they outreach to a younger generation, and photographed California’s last remaining youth prison work camp.
— Brian L. Frank