Photo © Christopher Michel

Photo © Christopher Michel

Felix was born and raised in Silicon Valley and currently is a resident in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco where he’s committed to highlighting the beauty of his neighborhood that's often misunderstood and ignored. Passionate about life’s “in-between moments,” Felix’s work displays a sensitivity for true human authenticity and uniquely beautiful aesthetics. With his one of a kind street portraiture, Felix portrays people as they are while simultaneously pulling back the layers often revealing more about the subject than text or video would be capable of sharing.

In a collaboration with Bay City News Foundation, I will explore different communities to shed light on their triumphs, hardships, and joys. My approach in photography is to always listen and see the person first, document last.

Project Proposal | Bay Area Equity Ripples

In a collaborative project with Bay City News Foundation, Felix will explore different communities to shed light on their triumphs, hardships, and joys. The Bay City News Foundation has a commitment to publishing journalism about the people, places and issues in the greater Bay Area that deserve more attention such as wealth disparities, inequity, and increased cost of living. Felix will use his introspective storytelling and photojournalism to illuminate the people behind the issues and headlines.


Bay City News Foundation is backed by charitable donations from contributors who care about local news, a free press, democratic values and an informed citizenry. They target geographic and topical news deserts, collaborate with other media, experiment with technology and work with journalism schools to train the next generation. You can see the beginnings of their work on their ad-free site, and follow them on Twitter @BayNewsMatters.

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