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Imagine Abundance: Visual Stories of the Bay Area

  • Frank H Ogawa Plaza Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)
 Photo by Colleen Cummins, EDBA Artist

Photo by Colleen Cummins, EDBA Artist

Imagine Abundance: Visual Stories of the Bay Area is a public art installation and community conversation reflecting on Bay Area life from a perspective of cultural, spiritual, or literal abundance.  The exhibition will feature works by members of the Everyday Bay Area (EDBA) collective as well as submissions from the general public.  The images will be projected at Frank Ogawa Plaza and followed by a community conversation in the gallery with the artists.

Why is it hard to imagine abundance?

Social documentary photographers seek to depict reality in the images they create, by exposing diverse experiences of life.  From photojournalists in crisis zones abroad, to citizens capturing incidents in their neighborhoods, visual storytelling today often plays an important role in documenting pain, so that it can’t slip away unnoticed.  Our world today is filled with images and in particular, filled with images of trauma.

For this exhibition of new work, we will focus not upon what is lacking or broken, but to depict all that is abundant in our Bay Area home.  From economics, to theology, to ecology, ‘abundance’ often sits in opposition to scarcity and can describe everything from a wealth of riches, a high density of beings or things, a cooperative economic system of plentitude, or a personal perspective of gratitude.  Imagine Abundance will explore expansive ideas of abundance to create a diverse and engaging set of visual stories and new insights on daily life in the Bay Area.

 Photo by Rasta Dave

Photo by Rasta Dave

 Photo by Brenton Gieser

Photo by Brenton Gieser

Show us your Bay Area

The tools of our time make it possible for each one of us to be a social documentarian. You can submit your images to be considered for the Imagine Abundance exhibition.

Post your photographs with the hashtag #EDBAImagineAbundance on Instagram or email them to with the subject line “EDBA Imagine Abundance Submission.”

We need your support to make this work possible!

The East Bay Community Foundation will match the first $6,000 we receive, to double the impact of your gift.  Donors who contribute $50 or more will receive a thank you gift of a signed print. Donors at all levels will be considered shareholders and will be invited to take part in considering how social memory shapes the landscape of our community, through this presentation and those in the future.

To show your support, click here

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” – Mark Twain

In this project, we seek to uncover the social impact of both gathering and presenting visual stories of Bay Area abundance. We will explore the idea of abundance not only thematically in our work, but also as it relates to the contemporary language and distribution of photography itself.  As photographers, we take photos, but we hope to give respect, promote tolerance and inclusion through our images. Through this project, the act of taking the image and the presentation of that image serve as creative interventions of abundance.

Immediately following the exhibition premiere, EDBA artists and media leaders will take part in a community conversation at Pro Arts Gallery, reflecting on the exhibition and the new media landscape of our day.  How does your perception shift when you focus on abundance rather than scarcity? How does the impact of these images change when they move from privately experienced Instagram feed to billboard-sized public art installation of street-visible projections?  How do you experience images in our world today; as art, as news, as social documents, or as personal memory?  How can we present work in meaningful ways in our visually inundated present?

 Photo by Alpana Aras-King

Photo by Alpana Aras-King

 Photo by James Tensuan

Photo by James Tensuan


Everyday Bay Area (EDBA), is a collective of 19 Bay Area resident artists: Mark Murrmann, Rasta Dave, Christopher Michel, Jen Baxter, Alpana Aras-King, Kaitlin Yapchaian, Pendarvis Harshaw, Courtney Stack, Emma Marie Chiang, Felix Uribe, Brenton Gieser, Colleen Cummins, Nathan Weyland, Talia Herman, Pat Hogan, James Tensuan, Angelica Ekeke, Taliesin Gilkes-Bower, and Rachel Bujalski.

Through creative intervention we encourage people to become socially engaged through art. EDBA encourages professional and amateur photographers alike to shoot “photography that matters” – seeking images and stories that ignite curiosity, promote inclusion, and respect. Through our long term multimedia collaboration, we seek to build social equity and a more robust vision of daily life in the Bay Area.

This is the premiere of the exhibition Imagine Abundance, which will evolve and grow with each new installation, accumulating richer and deeper connections with the Bay as it moves from one space to the next.

EDBA is a project of CatchLight, a Bay Area nonprofit that exists to accelerate the social impact of visual storytelling.  EDBA evolved from The Everyday Projects. We also partner with the following organizations to amplify the visibility of our work:  KQED Public Media, CALmatters, PhotoWings, Pro Arts Gallery Oakland, The Great Wall of Oakland, StreetFoto San Francisco, and San Francisco Month of Photography (“Bay MoP”) festival.

This exhibition is made possible by The East Bay Community Foundation, PhotoWorks San Francisco, our generous community supporters, the participating artists, and all the people who lent their likeness, their story, and their experience to these photographers’ respective works.

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