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Live Broadcast: CatchLight Shortlist In Conversation #1

We are thrilled to present the work of CatchLight Shortlist Artists Monique Jaques, Ryan Jones, and Carlos Javier Ortiz each developing California-focused projects that explore themes of immigration, climate, poverty and police-community relations. This discussion will be moderated by Paul Lowe.


Meet the Artists

Monique Jaques (b.1985) is a Brazilian American photojournalist and multimedia artist. Her work focuses on the representation of women through documentary photography and video. Her multi-award-winning approach to journalism reframes prevailing narrative and examines modern-day issues misrepresented in the media.

Monique+Jaques (1).jpeg

Her project, With Child: A Year with a Pregnant Migrant Worker follows the journey of a migrant mother-to-be as she makes a series of difficult choices—about immigration, working conditions, prenatal care and when to stop and eventually start working—with grave effects for her, her child and the state of California.

Ryan Christopher Jones is a Mexican-American photojournalist originally from California’s Central Valley and currently based in New York City. He grew up in a middle-class agricultural town that primed his curiosity in suburban America, and much of his work explores the American experience through a mixed-heritage identity.


His project, Any One Station asks the question, “can tech be a vehicle for social mobility for Americans living in poverty?” as it visualizes the mobility struggles of a Mexican-American family in Central California.

Carlos Javier Ortiz is a director, cinematographer and documentary photographer who focuses on urban life, gun violence, racism, poverty and marginalized communities. His work has always revolved around what he calls the beautiful struggle: life after death, family stories, human resilience and bridging the spaces between these subjects. Working from a sociological and social justice perspective, he is inspired by imagery, sound, news events, landscapes and contemporary socio-political issues.


His project, Between the Lines examines the Ferguson Effect, while exploring aspects of trust surrounding police-citizen relations in Sacramento.


CatchLight and the London School of Communication invite you to participate in a series of conversations with our 2018 Fellowship Shortlist. In CatchLight’s second year, the fellowship program continues to recognize photographers for their excellence in depicting visual stories of crucial issues — ideally motivating action for social change. Over the course of the next three weeks, we will hear from the shortlisted photographers on their projects and the need for leadership, authentic voices, and truth-tellers in today’s media climate.