Alpana Aras-King

Based in the East Bay, Alpana is an award-winning lifestyle and portrait photographer originally from Mumbai, India. Her formal art-school and advertising agency background goes hand in hand with her ability to see the big picture. Clients hire Alpana for her authentic storytelling and ability to create unique and engaging content. With her masterful eye, she has the ability to find a story in life’s everyday moments.

Brenton Gieser

Brenton Gieser is a photographer, documentarian, and visual storyteller originating from Half Moon Bay, California and currently producing the majority of his work in San Francisco. He approaches his work as a personal mandate to help raise questions around social and economical injustice with a desire to move us towards deeper community understanding and social equity. His current work centers around a long-term photo-documentary called Tender Souls, where he and project partner Felix Uribe documents the lives of a wide range of Tenderloin community members through a combination of spoken interviews, portrait photography and photo journalism. His work has been published by publications such as the New York Times, Vice, Upworthy, amongst others.

Christopher Michel

Chris is an accomplished photojournalist. His collection includes photographs from extreme locations like the North & South Poles, Everest, Papua New Guinea, DR Congo and at the edge of space (aboard a U-2 Spy Plane). He’s also had the opportunity to photograph a variety of global leaders, including the 14th Dalai Lama. His work is prolific and his photographs have been used by National Geographic, the Smithsonian, the New York Times, the BBC, Outside Magazine, and others.  His photos have been seen millions of times and have appeared on the covers of many newspapers & magazines. His “Flying Emperor” photograph was the 2nd place finisher in the 2014 Wikipedia Picture of the Year.

Colleen Cummins

Colleen is an award winning visual journalist was named 1 of 28 talented urban photographers to follow on Instagram by Buzzfeed. She studied Journalism at San Francisco State and has worked for national publications from Florida to California. Colleen has taught multimedia for the past 4 years with various organizations including Youth Spirit Artworks in Berkeley, Youth Radio in Oakland, and currently at Alternatives in Action in Fruitvale. She has a passion for storytelling and media literacy.

Courtney Stack

Courtney Stack is a multimedia journalist, fiction writer, artist, and dance choreographer living in San Francisco.