Fellow Class of 2018


Aida muluneh

“The conversation I’m trying to lead is that our perception should not be limited to our cultural background and what we think about the places we don’t know much about.”


andrea bruce

“My hope is to push people beyond the rhetoric they hear everyday and to ask themselves what democracy means to them and their community on a deeper level.”


Carlos javier ortiz

“I am a humanist who
seeks to understand and
build bridges through
visual images, sound
and emotions.”

Fellow Class of 2017


Sarah Blesener

“I am interested in how beliefs are formed at a young age, how young people identify in their political atmosphere and how it shapes them as individuals.”


Brian L. frank

“I always say if you want to look at race relations in the country go to a jail. Most of the people locked up are black and brown, most of the jailers, are not.”


tomas van houtryve

“Underpinning my work is a belief that human activity becomes increasingly absurd and dangerous when it loses empathy.”